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A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams


Charlie Carr as Blanche

Elizabeth McCoy as Stella

Sean Richmond as Stanley

Samantha Rohr as Blanche/Stella Standby

Robinson J. Cyprian as Mitch 

Tracey Collins as Eunice 

Bob Mitchell as Steve

Miguel Garcia as Pablo/Stanley Understudy 

Benjamin Adams as Doctor/Ensemble 

Quinn Lapeyrouse as Newspaper Collector/Ensemble

Lydia Pena as Flower Saleswoman/Ensemble

Leyla Beydoun as Neighbor Woman/Aerials 1

Adrienne Simmons as Ensemble/Aerials 2


Directed by

Augustin J Correro


Production Manager

Maddie Taliancich


Production Stage Manager

Ryan Darby


Assistant Stage Manager

Avery Colle


Assistant Stage Manager 

Gwendolyn Walton


Set Designer

Steve Schepker


Sound Designer & Engineer / Original Music

Nick Shackleford


Lighting Designer

Diane Baas


Properties Design

Augustin J Correro


Costume Designer

Kelsey Brehm


Intimacy Coordinator 

Ashley Landrieu


Fight/Violence Coordinator 

Alex Wallace


Properties Assistant 

Rachel Rhea Shannon


House Manager

Joe Grannan 



James Kelley

A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams
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