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Camino Real
Casanova and Kilroy
The Streetcleaners
Kilroy vs the Military Police
People of Camino Real
Gypsy's Daughter
Marguerite & Kilroy
Quixote & Kilroy

Production Photography by James Kelley

Camino Real 

by Tennessee Williams

Directed by Augustin J Correro

Presented at the Marigny Opera House


Marguerite Gautier - Carol Sutton

Jacques Casanova - James Howard Wright

Kilroy - Christopher Robinson

Gutman - Roger Magendie

Esmeralda - Rachel Rodriguez

Gypsy - Mary Pauley

Military Police - John Lavin

Survivor - Jordan Kaplan

Dreamer - Liz DeVito

Rosita - Xavier Juarez

La Madrecita - Lillian J. Small

Prudence - Lin Gathright

Olympe - LaKesha Glover

Lord Byron - Matthew Rigdon

Taco Vendor - Nicole Himel

A. Ratt - Stephen Stanley

Abdullah - Gavin Robinson

Don Quixote/Baron De Charles -Robert Alan Mitchell

Lobo - Cooper Bucha

Nursie/Sancho - Nathaniel Trawog

Lord Mulligan - Beau Bratcher

Lady Mulligan - Alison Logan 


Costume Designer - Lee Kyle

Lighting Designer - Missy Martinez

Properties Designer - Augustin J Correro

Scenic Designer - Dustin Gibson

Sound Design - Nick Shackleford

Stage Manager - Kimberly Norlin

Assistant Stage Managers -

Nicholas Walker & Francisco Pazo

House Manager - Linnea Gregg

Projection Designer - James Lanius

Fight Choreographer - Alex Smith


July/August 2017

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