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The Tennessee Williams Theatre Company of New Orleans is a year-round professional theatre company committed to producing captivating, exciting, and moving plays with a major focus on the works of America's greatest playwright, Tennessee Williams.



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Production Photography by James Kelley

Not About Nightingales 

by Tennessee Williams

Directed by Augustin J Correro

Presented at the Zeitgeist Multidisciplinary Arts Center


"Canary" Jim - Zeb Hollins, III

Butch O'Fallon - Sean Richmond

Eva Crane - Nicole Himel

Warden Whalen - Joseph Furnari

Joe - Todras Sam

Swifty - Christopher Robinson

Mrs. Bristol - Ann Dalrymple

Jack Bristol - Adler Hyatt

Ollie - Kebron Woodfin

Queen - Gavin Robinson

Schultz - Stephen Stanley


Costume Designer - Lee Kyle

Lighting Designer - Derek Blanco

Properties Designer - Augustin J Correro

Scenic Designer - Augustin J Correro

Sound Design - Nick Shackleford

Stage Manager - Kimberly Norlin

Assistant Stage Managers -

Kenneth Latour & Francisco Pazo

House Manager - Liz DeVito & Lin Gathright

December 2017