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The Pronoun "I"
The Gnadiges Fraulein

Production Photography by Ride Hamilton

Tennessee Williams:

Dangerous Birds

(If Agitated) 

The Gnadiges Fraulein,  Sunburst, & The Pronoun "I"

Directed by Augustin J Correro

Presented in the Patio of Phillips Bar


The Gnadiges Fraulein - Bunny Love

Molly/Sylvia Sails - Mary Pauley

Polly - Morrey McElroy

Indian Joe/Luigi/Revolutionary - Chris Silva

Cocalooney Bird - Hebert Benjamin

Guiseppe/Dominique - Pearson Kunz

Mad Queen May - Abby Botnick


Costume Designer - Jerry L. Johnson

Lighting Designer - Georgia Foor

Properties Designer - Augustin J Correro

Scenic Designer - Derek Blanco

Sound Designer - Nick Shackleford

Stage Manager - William Moody

House Manager - Jordan Phillips

Assistant Stage Manager - Xavier Juarez

Production Manager - Joshua Bernard

Technical Director - Derek Blanco

Choreography - Bunny Love

Puppet & Props Artisan - Christopher Grim


November 2016

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